DEF on LS Tractor


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I'm about to buy a new tractor. Was wanting an LS MT225HE, which is the same as a NH Workmaster 25.

My local dealer has had LS tractors ordered for month's & can't get one.

But, I've found another dealer who has an LS MT235HE in stock, for a good price. BUT, as ya'll know, it has the DEF system. I have never used a tractor with that system.

BUT, I've read only BAD things about it. So, for some of you guys who know, what would be the downside, or the "cons", if you will, of buying the 235, rather than the 225 tractor.

Is having the DEF system going to make me wish I hadn't bought a tractor with it ?

Sorry for the dumb questions. But I'm totally ignorant of this subject.