Dettson company


(I think I have the spelling correct)

Does anyonw know about the Dettson Company? I have a line on a 7' snowblower that they made. It is used and would like to know if the company is still around or was bought out or ??? The owner of the blower said they were from Canada.


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I did a search on the internet, found a few other Dettson snowblowers for sale on kiiji and craigslist. The only company name i could come up with was Dettson Inc, which made boilers and furnaces. I found one article that said Dettson Inc was bought out by International Comfort Products (ICP) which is now part of Carrier Corp. Their website has no mention of Dettson that I could find. It is possible that a tractor dealer around Sherbroke, Ont. where Dettson was located, might know where to get parts for the Dettson snowblowers.


That is about the same information that I could find also. They are pretty basic machines anyway but it would still be helpfull to know if there is a source for parts.


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Good afternoon I'm new to the Forum looking at buying an older Dettson snowblower this one is unique, it has a Straight Shaft from the fan into a pumpkin in the middle of the Cog that brings the snow to the center of the blower almost looks like a small truck pumpkin I've never seen this style before it looks extremely rugged and well-built but I can't find any information on it and I'm afraid if anything breaks I'll never get parts do we have any information regarding this company?
Thanks Andy