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So we have installed Boss VBX3000 salt spreaders in the beds of our X1100c units. They work great but the way the installers ran the wiring it comes down next to the exhaust outlet. Well, the exhaust is too hot and is melting the plastic conduit and is making the wiring brittle.

Obviously I could try to move the wiring but it doesn't look like I have enough slack to re-run it. Plus the exhaust still blows on the back of the spinner assembly and that is getting hot as well. I bought some 1.5" EMT which just fits over the factory outlet and will bend it and weld some tabs on to mount it to the frame and direct the exhaust away from above mentioned items.

Anybody else have this problem?


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Take it back to the one that installed it. Tell him/ her to fix it.

Meh, easier and more fun for me to do it.

Not completed yet but this is what I came up with. I will paint it black so it is harder to see. I have yet to weld another tab on and need to drill bolt holes. The extension pipe will "float" over the factory pipe and will allow for some engine movement without stressing the welds.


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