Favorite tool


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Do you have a favorite tool. I bet you do.

Silly as it may sound. I have a particular 12" Channel lock pliers that come in so handy, they are my fav. But, I have to admit I have a favorite straight edge screw driver to. It fits my hand just right and I prefer it over all my blue handled ones.

As for power type of tools my favorite would be my front end loader w/ forks. I can do so much with that setup.

How bout you?


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Hard one to answer. I like ALL of my tools :wink:

I have a Klein screwdriver I use all the time. It had a pin molded into the handle beside the blade shaft you can use to bend (or straighten) wire. Hope it shows in the picture.

I'm also fond of my battery operated tools. They've come a long way since the first battery tools. I've only needed a plug in tool once in the last year and that was when I needed some big holes and I pulled the Milwaukee Hole Hawg out.

I agree with you on the large tool category. My fel gets used all the time.




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I find my dewalt 18 vdc cordless saws all is great. with the proper blades it cuts steel, wood, prunes trees.


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Good choice. That reminds me I still need a cordless saws all.
Maybe Santa will bring me one this year. :D


Good choice. That reminds me I still need a cordless saws all.
Maybe Santa will bring me one this year. :D
I would LOVE a cordless sawsall. We have a couple of them at work and it is so tempting to just borrow them for an hour or two (a real no-no).


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I have the 4 peices saws all, drill, skil saw, light. I also had the same tools in a cheaper black and decker set, I gave them to my son they werent as strong as the dewalt set so all I kept was the drill. I love cordless tools they are so much easier to use. My second choice of tool would be my milwalkie port a band saw, it makes short work of cutting steel tubes and angle.


Tough call.

I have one of those quick blade change utility knives that hooks on my belt. It's probably the most often used tool.

The DeWalt 18v cordless drill is right up there as well. I bought the package that has about 6 or 8 tools (circular saw, jig saw, reciprocating saw, grinder...) and all of those are very handy.

A nice claw hammer as well.


My favorite tool depends on what job I'm working on at the time!
Probably one of the most used, therefore the favorite, would be my Gerber,
("all-in-one" needle plires, knife, screwdrivers, etc. in the belt pouch) which stays on my sid at all times!!


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Best tool in the workshop has to be be horizontal bandsaw. I hate hacksawing, and with that bit of kit I hardly ever pick the hacksaw up. Excellent value for money that was.


Favourite tool(s)...

.....Autodarkening welding mask.

.....laser measuring tape.

.....digital spirit level (with an audible beep when yer level or plumb).

.....dewalt impact screw driver

(impact driver sold as part of the HomeDepot 6 piece combo kit for ~$500...) Same kit for sale over here.... €2500 euro...



1st Sears compound / sliding Mitre saw

2nd probably my Hitachi 12 volt cordless drill

use both all the time.


I have three favourites
  1. My fencing pliers. They weren't cheap but they go everywhere with me on the farm and are great at doing just about anything with wire and nails.
  2. My HD wire cutters. These things have saved my life on a few occasions now when I have chopped straight through 230v wires :badidea: They are very comfortable to use and and are great for fencing jobs and electrics.
  3. Hammer. Wherever would I be without this lump of metal and some 6" nails :D :D


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Do you have a favorite tool. I bet you do.
I suppose my favorite tool (at least in terms of most common use) is my trusty old Campbell Hausfeld 1/2" air impact wrench. Purchased thousands of years ago (or so it seems), it has served me well for longer than I can remember without ever missing a beat. It has since been joined by a second Campbell Hausfeld air impact wrench... a 3/4" monster of near identical external design... but the original will never be replaced! :)

However, in terms of a sentimental favorite, my Dad gave me a little metric socket wrench set in a plastic case for my first car, a '68 VW Beetle. While made in Taiwan and sporting a brand name that was meaningless then and is still meaningless today, it is still 100% complete and intact today... this despite close to four decades of continuous use.

The irony of it all is that he sold Bonney tools for a living and was able to help me build quite a tool collection over the years before he retired. Although many of the premium "Made in USA" Bonney tools have since broken, chrome-peeled or otherwise bit the dust over the many years, the little Taiwan set is still perfectly intact (even including the plastic case) and still contains the very best 3/8" ratchet wrench in my entire collection. Go figure. :)

I still remember the day he brought the set home from work and I saw that the set was made in Taiwan... a very strange thing in my household at the time. He assured me that these were very high quality Taiwanese tools and that they would last.

Son of a gun if the old man wasn't right! :)

It's difficult to put one at the top of the list. I've always been a tool nut. Mechanics tools, woodworking tools, masonary tools, concrete tools, you name it, I've bought it.:beer:

So to make it easier, I'm going with what has proven to be the most useful and convenient tool. Cordless Sawzall. It seems whenever you need one, it's always in some hard to get to, 1/2mile from an electrical outlet, out of the way place. It's proven to be invaluable while running new board fence around most of my place. That and a gas fired air nailer and I leave the generator in the barn. :D :thumb:


As an aircraft mechanic, that is a tough one. The most important tool in my tool box is my pen. Any quality hand tool that has a balance in your hand is a favorite. As I specialize in sheetmetal repairs, pneumatic tools are tops. Everyday tools include Snap On ratching screwdrivers. They are a work saver! Two favorites that do stick out are my saftey wire pliers and Ford wrench.
At home..........hands down favorite is my backhoe attached to my 6520.
I have my Grandpa's double handle cross cut saw. Now that is a treasure, along with my other Grandpa's foot powered bench emery wheel and Dad's selection of draw knives and brace & bits.
My cordless Makita 12 volt drill and flashlight are my favorite electric tools. These do double duty at home and at work.
hugs, Brandi