Filters for LS MT225HE


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So, my dealer came up with an LS MT225HE, from somewhere. I've read that it's recommended to replace oil, HST, & Hydraulic filters @ 50 hours. So, I'm starting now gathering info as to which filters to buy.

After using the LS brand part numbers, then crossing them over to popular brands, I've come up with some oil filter choices. There are several Wix/NAPA filters that should fit. The NAPA 1356 & 1357 are a little longer than the original, which should be good. All the specs look the same to me, except that the 1356 looks to have a thicker shell. Same price, so why not go with the thicker shell. The Motorcraft FL821 shows to be a fit. It's even a dollar cheaper. Anybody know of a reason why either of these would not be a good oil filter choice ?

A guy on a YouTube video said he used a longer HST filter than the original. This Donaldson is the one he used. Claimed it made the HST operate quieter.

For the Hydraulic filter, looks like the Wix 51715 is a good match. Best price I found was on Amazon.

So, do any of you guys agree that these would fit & be good choices ?

Anybody disagree with any of the choices, or know for sure that any of 'em actually will not work on the LS MT225HE tractor ?


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Unless I have a dang good reason I try to stick with whatever is recommended by the manufacturer's engineers. I've read of others trying to do 'better' for their machine and actually hurting it in the process. When new and in warranty go with what they recommend. Once out of warranty you might experiment but to start off I would not take the chance. We all want our machines to last and last so treat it like a queen and hope for the best.
Congrats and good luck.