Ford 8730 Powershift Gearbox / Electronics Issue


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Ford 8730 Powershift Transmission/Electronic issues​


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I am new to this forum, and i am seeking advice for my future tractor.
My family has 2 tractors, both stood still about a decade without starting,etc.
One of them is the 1993 Ford 8730 powershift, that i have decided to restore and use it as my own.
The Ford is back up running, engine running smooth, steering working, hydraulics work, but the transmission won't.
The issue I am assuming, that I have somewhere an earth or ground ( not sure how it's called properly ) issue, because the gear display is throwing the codes P4 in N7, C7 in F1/F7, C11 in R4, according to the workshop manual, there is an earth short to pin 22. I measured the voltage at pin 22, and that's 0.03 V, where it should have +12V.
And in addition to that, if I turn the headlights on, they sometimes work and sometimes don't, same goes for hazards and other lights.
Meanwhile I have replaced all the fuses with new ones, went through every harness and wires, everything seems to be fine, no corrosion or anything like that, relays seem to be fine too.
Where could I keep on looking? Is there somewhere something that I am unaware of, am I skipping over something?
Any advice and help is greatly appreciated! :)
I have mainly wrenched on cars before, so I'm quite new to that in general.

Thanks in advance