Ford NAA Power Steering


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Hi. I have searched for an answer, but come up with zero. I hope to get some help.

My dad has a 1954 Ford NAA. It has a loader and power steering, even though I understand that NAA did not come with PS. I think I have identified the loader as a Davis, and in the Colo Springs area I have seen craigslist entries of other tractors that look identical - w/ Davis loader, a hyd pump hanging out the front grill, hydraulic cylinders on the steering links.

Here's the analysis. His steering column locked up. We took the steering box out and apart and it looks like that box has not had grease or oil for decades. Shaft bearings are fried, "roller ball" assembly for the shaft's toothed block was frozen. The whole steering shaft assembly with bearings and races inside the box needs replacement. The gears look good. Box looks good.

Here's the configuration. His steering column appears to be made up of 2 or 3 shafts: a 9-10" shaft assembly inside the box with a coupler at it's top end. That mates to a shaft that goes into a hydraulic valving unit that has 4 hydraulic hoses. That valving unit is anchored to the steering box with 2 long bolts. Then there is a shaft above the valving unit that the steering wheel is connected to. Because it is in another state, I cannot confirm at this point if the assembly above the steering box is composed of 1 or 2 shaft pieces, but that's not a concern.

Here's the problem. In all of my research, including dealers and online, I cannot determine what the steering box is, and I definitely cannot find a steering box 'shaft assembly' that is only 9-10 inches long. It appears to match a S.67078, but that looks like a one piece long shaft.

If I know I have a shaft assembly that fits, I am willing to cut the shaft and fasten the shaft coupling I have to the end, if that's what I must do.

Help! I need information to know what to do!


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Here are some pictures to visualize the short shaft.


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That looks rebuild-able to me. clean up the ball nut and polish the screw up. Add new bearings and bushings. You should be able to buy new balls for the nut as well. It will be your best solution