FS OT Kubota Grand L 3010 Industrial Tires (R4)


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For Sale or Trade: 4 wheels and Tires for Kubota Grand L 3010 4wd. These are R4 Industrial tires.

I've been here before, once again we have a lot of rain and so my trails through my property are mostly mud. The R4's on my tractor are barely worn, and work well for yard work or loader work but not so good in the mud. I have a couple areas of my property that I simply cannot get to. My RTV and ATV can get there but not the tractor because of the R4 tires.

I've princed new R1 / AG tires for my tractor and I'm looking at $1900. Dealer was not interested in taking my tires on trade as he had no customer in need of my R4's.

So, I'm hoping to find someone that could use a good set of R4's for a Kubota 3010 4wd. Slime chance but worth a shot. If not a member here and interested please use the 'contact us' button at the bottom right of this page to contact me (put Kubota R4 Tires in the subject line).