grease advice


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Just wondering what grease guns you guys use and like/dislike.
I need to get a new one as my current one is too small and too hard to load.
I buy grease by the barrel, so am looking for something nice and easy to load, holds a lot of grease, manual operation.
Not sure if I want flexible or solid tubes, any opinions?


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IMHO, 2 different grease guns depending on the application.
For tight spaces, I use the flex hose and a grip pump. Mine doesn't have an adjustable volume so it can be a pain (literally) if you need to do a lot of pumping.
For easy access and higher volume, I use a solid tube and the long-arm type pump.


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I currently use a Milwaukee battery powered grease gun. I used to have a Lincoln battery powered years ago. I quit using a manual years ago, as the battery powered has enough output force to usually clear out any slow or clogged grease zerks. I also changed the head on mine from factory to a clamping type head, so you don't have to hold onto the head while greasing a device that requires a large quantity of grease.