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Hello From the "Heart of Dixie" Hope Everyone is Safe and Well, not to Mention WARM!! I installed the Hand Throttle last week and have been working on the 900 doing just Piddly (is that a Word) stuff, Re wiring Lights, adding the Badlands Winch (which I haven't tried yet) Hauling Scaly Bark Hickory Wood and Splitting it with a 27 Ton Splitter, giving this OLD Man a Work Out!!!
I decided I'd try the Hand Throttle this afternoon as I came home form the Woods, I pulled up to a Steep Bank that I had climbed before but having to stop and go from M to the Low Position (in 4 WD) I pulled the Throttle all the way up, stayed in 4 Wheel Med. and got about to the Same Point I had before!! I had to Stop Turn the Engine off and Go to Low 4 WD and it worked like a Champ! But I saw NO ADVANTAGE to the Hand Throttle At All, just a Waste of $74 and about 2 hours of time!
OH Well Lesson Learned! At least if my Foot gets Broke I can use the Hand Throttle!!! :unsure:?


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The hand throttle seems to work best for snow plowing. It's intended to maintain the engine RPMs in the peak torque range, about 2800.
When climbing hills I found that 1/2 throttle works best. From Messick's, it applies to the RTV HST as well...


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Surely NOT a waste of time, energy, and money!!! For me, as mentioned above by V10rick, the "throttle control" on my 05, is to hold the engine RPM at a given setting, yes, maximum torque spot is a good one. Then one uses the foot pedal, pump control, to get up the hill, slope, or work condition, that one needs to solve. Not going over a log, across a ditch, or the like. For me, I have 18 degree or 20 up a 1/4 mile grade on the road/driveway coming or going up the drive to the house. I set the throttle at the beginning and then keep it there until I reach the top of the hill and then shut it down cause I dont want to go zipping down the hill at 3 times the normal speed with no engine braking..........
If I don't use it, I will for sure bog down and have to fool with the foot pedal to find that sweet spot where the pump kicks in the best by backing off of full throttle about a 1/2 inch.................OK....For me that is what the intention of the control that yes, I added and spent the time, energy, and money to install.....
I cant get my wife to use it as she would rather just fool with the foot pedal; but I guess that is up to the operator.........GOOD LUCK....God bless.......Dennis

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I have had the hand throttle on my 14' X1120 for a few weeks and plowed twice and I love it. I keep the revs at about half throttle and there is instant power when you depress the foot pedal, I played around with it some and found half rev's or slightly under works best, and at full revs there is a noticeable decrease compared to half revs. The hand throttle dosn't stop wheel spin or aid in traction but does put the available power when you need it most at the start of the run and keeps it there till the end, no waiting for the power to build up.