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Hello, since I joined here a couple of weeks ago, I've read a lot of the Posts, most are a few years Old But still very interesting!
I have read of the Hand Throttle and how it helps with Power, my 900 is a 2004, I had thought it to be a 2008 But guess I had forgotten
How long I've had it!! Getting Old Sucks!!
Is the Hand Throttle a custom made Part of available somewhere?? I have found mine to Bog down when in M (this is where I use it most of the time here on the Farm) But I can go to Low and have Plenty of Power for Climbing out of the creek on my place or Pulling. I think I should install one if I still can!
Any Help??


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They work with the pedal. It simply keeps your RPM's up, so you won't bog down. You use the throttle pedal as you always have. I had one on my 06 RTV900 and it improved performance so that I could traverse most of my hills in M. Sounds like just the thing for you. I got mine from the Kubota dealer. It was not that expensive if I recall correctly.


It works with the pedal - the pedal tells the tranny that you want x speed and also gives the engine some rpm to do it with. The manual throttle overrides the rpm of the pedal without demanding more speed from the tranny. Bogging down happens when the expected speed is too high for the rpm and load.


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Installed this on my 2008 RTV900 but did not find it of any value on hilly terrain. BUT changing the transmission fluid to Kubota SUDT along with both filters made a noticeable improvement in power and speed.