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I've got a 2012 Toro Workman HDX. 4 wheel disc brakes, manual braking system (no booster). I've had many problems with these brakes and end up changing all the calipers and rotors about once a year to the tune of $1500 each.

I just replaced the brakes on this one, went out to break the pads in, noticed the pedal gradually getting hard after the first couple braking attempts. Once the pedal hardened up the braking quality disappeared. I could stand on the pedal and it slowly stopped.

I re-bled the system just in case, no air came out. I figured the master cylinder must have went since everything else is new (except the lines which are braided stainless) and I have had to replace one on a previous machine a few years back.

Bench bled the master, installed, bled the system again until all air was out. Drove, same thing. Once again I decided to try to re-bleed just to be sure. Got air from the fronts. Drove again, same. If it sits for a little bit, it will brake well for the first couple then get bad again.

At this point all I can figure one or more of the calipers are bad or the pads are junk and glazed over or something reducing the friction.

I just drove it and was easy on it and it still didn't seem right. I'm at a loss.
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Man that's rough. $1500 a clip. Holy chit.
Wish I had an answer for ya, but you've done all I can think of. Wonder if other owners of that machine have the same issues? Or maybe a dealer could help. I am not positive but I'm afraid you are the first to mention a Toro Workman HDX here on Net Tractor Talk. Toro is a quality company, so hopefully someone will pop in with an idea in a bit. Good luck.