I have an old welder which has a 30V Onan genset powering it. There is a double-barreled variable resister that is in the excitation circuit. It seems that this resister has breathed its last.
Does anyone know if I can substitute anything in its place? I'll take some pictures in a couple of days and post them. I don't have quick access to the welder as of right now.


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That variable resistor is just windings with a wiper scraping across them, no?

Could you simply jumper across the one bad winding?

Or is there more to it than that?


For the most part, you're right, California. However in this case the wiper is a semi permanent band around one of the coils to which the wires are attached. This issue arose before and I merely swapped the coil around and used the unused end of the resister.
I have checked the wiring for breaks and my connections with no results there.
Thanks for the quick reply.