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Kid Willis

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I've been viewing the forums for about a month and have decided to join. I live in Riverside, California on an acre and a half with my wife. We raise and show Appaloosas. We own two mares and one gelding who's in training for the 2013 show season. We also own a mini paint mule who's trained for cart driving. As for tractors, my first was a 1948 Ford 8N with a bucket and scraper that was bought 8 years ago. My newest tractor is a Kabota B2320 with bucket and scraper bought new two years ago. I've added a sun canopy on the ROP and soon will be installing lights on top for added light when my bucket is blocking the headlights. The Kabota was a big step up from the 8N in terms of steering, braking and general handiness. I still miss my first tractor. In Riverside, 8Ns are still common and sell fairly cheap, so if I get the desire to restore one it won't be to hard to find. My hobbies are guitars, guns and showing our horses. I'll be posting pictures soon and if anyone has any questions please respond. Thanks, Bill.


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Welcome aboard!

I'm 500 miles north of you, an hour north of San Francisco, about half way to Oregon.

Here's a couple of pix of my apple orchard.

I think you'll like it here. Post some photos of what you are working on - that's sure to get some replies.



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Hi Bill. Welcome to net Tractor Talk. I'm glad you found us. :thumb:

Like you, my first tractor was an 8N without the bucket. Loved that tractor and hated to see it go but the step up to a new Kubota with a bucket sure was sweet. 8N's are readily available here to. Little workhorses. Mine was a 1952 model. Once I retire I would love to have an 8N to restore ...but that is a good ways off.
Kewl hobbies you got there. I run a couple other forums that fit in with your hobbies if you have time for them.
One is Net Music Talk .... you could post your own music there or anything else about guitars or music you care to share. www.netmusictalk.com/forums/

With the help of some of the guys here I run an Off Topic forum on which guns is a huge topic right now. You might take a peek: www.forumsforums.com/3_9/

Enjoy and post often. :thumb: :D

Kid Willis

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Still working on posting pictures in the other forums. To California, great looking spread.


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Glad to have you Kid Willis. My internet is out so I'm sorry fro the late welcome but here ya go ...Welcome to the nicest forum around! bordercollie