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Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Alex, from Connecticut. I just purchased a 2020 x1100 RTV! :17875: The machine may be new to me, but I'm not new to Kubota. I already own a 2017 BX 2380 with a FEL. When I bought that I never looked back, and just knew other Kubota's were in my future. My entire property is on a slope, so over the years I have killed 3 other lawn tractors, including a JD that lasted less than 8 years. Now my BX has tamed the slope, and allowed me to handle tasks that would be otherwise impossible.
So when I had an opportunity to get the RTV I jumped right in, and couldn't be happier. Because I'm a huge Star Wars fan I named it Bota-Fett. Which is also my forum name here.
Being a New Englander we can have some pretty rough terrain. So I immediately installed a 5k lb winch. And am currently working on a DIY rack made from 3/4 conduit. I don't need that thousand dollar factory rack for my needs, but I did buy the rear screen, mirrors, and visors. So I will update in the future with photos when I finish the rack. I also want to cover it with some of that waterproof canvas, like the old military troop transports. Mostly to cover my gear when we go out on excursions in the wilderness.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys are doing with your RTV's and maybe contribute to the conversation with ideas and observations.
Thanks everyone.

Bota Fett

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Welcome to the forum, redreaver17
Yeah I finished the frame, sewed up the canvas, an mounted my Rotopax!!


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Welcome to the forum !!!! It looks like I missed this thread back when Bota Fett first posted it so a very belated welcome to him and welcome to you too redreaver17. :) :) .
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