Hi from West Virginia


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I would like to say hi to all. Learning a ton of good stuff from everyone here on this super forum. I am all Kubota except a small JD mower 155.
I own an L5030 cab w/ fel, and woods bh-90. Also a newly purchased RTV X1100C. The x1100 only has 1 hour on the meter. It's so new I am still just reading thru the operator's manual. This is my first post. Yea! I broke the ice.


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Welcome to the forum!

Congrats on your new toys (er, I mean tools). ;)


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Good looking rigs that you have there. Cats love tractors, our ol cats used to love the sleep in the tractor seats.


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Hi bczoom and thunderdome

Sorry for the late post reply. I'd been over at the other forum, (owners group).
Yes bczoom, I do consider my small collection of orange diesels my toys and tools.
Thank you thunderdome, shorty my cat wants me to to put a Walmart cat sleeping bed on the roof of the L5030.....Not gonna happen!:no:


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Hi DK, welcome to Net Tractor Talk. I'm glad you found us.
Very nice Kubota equipment you got there. :wow:
Enjoy and please, post often. :thumb: :beer: :D