Homemade 4wd tractor from 3/4 truck


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Another project I'm working on. Started this before I bought the Case 530 tractor. But the goal was to make a small(ish) tractor with loader using truck parts. About the size of Ford 8n/9n/2n etc...

It has:
-Chevy 3/4 ton axles, that I have left full width.
-Chevy sm465 4speed manual driven by hydraulic motor
-NP208 transfer case (not the best but already have it)
-Had planned to use Isuzu 2.2L diesel** but have switched to a 4cyl Gas nissan motor. Hydrostatic pump from industrial floor sweeper. The nissan motor is from the sweeper too, so it is already setup to go.
-FEL loader setup from ford tractor
-2x6, 3/6 wall tubing from frame
-Axle truss and pivot for front axle.

**The Isuzu I planned to use but did not turn out was due to a small walnut shell in one of the cylinders transported by a chipmunk or squirrel. I tore half the engine apart to try and figure out why the engine could only turn one revolution in either direction, arrghh...

It will have a cab at some point.


Can't seem to get pictures to post on this thread.
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Sounds like an awesome project. It's too bad Mith can't be around for this. He would have some great insight.


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Trying pictures again

out of date Sketchup drawing of the tractor (probably won't keep the forklift function)

current stage of build

another shot of frame (older)


Excellent fabrication!

I just love the GM 4WD setup anyway and like what you've done with the balance and RWD.

Great sketch too....what kind of draw program are you using?

Cant wait for future updates and pictures. Thanks for sharing your build.



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WOW. Awesome stuff. Looks like I'm going to have to create a Machine Builders forum. :D :thumb: Loving it.


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Excellent fabrication!
Great sketch too....what kind of draw program are you using?

Thanks for the compliments. The program used, is Google Sketchup, a windows cad/modeling program there is a free and paid version, I am using the free version which is quite capable for me as long as you don't need to interchange with other cad applications. Btw. I am running it in Linux just fine even though it is a windows application (need latest Wine libs installed). I seems really intuitive for me to use.


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Will take a look at the thumbnail software. But was hoping for something automatic like photobucket, where they generated IMG codes with thumbnails, copy-n-paste into your post.

test clickable thumbnail img...just had to do it by hand and convert html tags to the message board tags. BTW, this the floor sweeper I parted out to provide the engine and hydraulics.

I see something I hope you have addressed. If you are powering it from the rear as the cad suggests, the axles need to be upsidedown to go forward or you will have to use reverse. Even though you might put in an auxiliary behind the main running either in reverse to go forward will still be slow.

Great idea for a fun project, hope to see more pics as you go along.


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the engine is decoupled from the drivetrain. The engine will be driving a variable displacement hydraulic pump. A hydraulic motor will drive the 4spd transmission. With the pump/motor and final drive ratios, I should have top speed of 12mph. Plenty of torque.
I like the idea, but I would say skip the hydraulic drive unless there is a reason for it the trans and transfer case and rear end should give plenty of torque in 4x4 low for anything tractor related. Couple the trans to a gm v6 or v8 engine and run a small hydraulic pump 8-12 gpm to run your loader and or forklift and steering.

Plus being able to slip a clutch will generate a more controlled torque plus you don't have to provide a relief valve so you could tow the thing.

That's what I am doing right now