Howdy from Oregon s coast

Joe Llamahead

New member
Hi , after several searches over the past few years, landing me on this site I finally decided to sign up.:tiphat:

I have a 2 acre place here in Port Orford Oregon. I've been a auto tech most of my life but the past 8 years I've been a fabricator making marine hatches.(Freeman Marine Equipment)
I have a Kubita Bx23 and a an old Jacobson lawn tractor hydrostatic K341 and Front end loader.
I love making stuff and have a pretty well equipped shop and whatever I can't do at home I can get done at work. My other interests are making music, Guitar harmonica and percussion. And OHV's Quads UTV's and Suzuki /geo 4x4's samauris sidekick trackers.

I hope to glean info here and contribute whatever I can . :drive2: