Installed Rubber Mat on Snow Blade today before snow came in.


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Installed Horse Mat material to the blade today, seen where some say it will protect backtop some. Made it so I could flip it over when one side wears out. Tried it out tonight and it work pretty good. Just have to see how it last. Bought a 4' x 6' 3/4 inch mat for 39.00. I use a 5 inch strip each time, so I can make alot of pieces for my money.

Cut it with a jig saw, need to use a better straight edge next time.


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I did the same thing for the blade on the back of my tractor. Unfortunately, the blade was too light so the rubber lifted up off the pavement so it didn't scrape well. What do you think your plow weighs?


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Right at 200 lbs, really looked like it did s pretty good job . Wind was blowing 25 to 30 miles a hour, so it was really a waste of time but I wanted to try it out. This gator has such a good heater in it that I could plow snow in my T-shirt.