Is there anyway to make the RTV 900 a little quicker?


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Hello. I am new to this forum and as an RTV 900 owner. So the only complaint I have is the speed. It does just about everything I want to do but just wish it was a little bit quicker. I have already but the valve in to get rid of that braking affect as soon as you let up on the throttle. So far the only thing I have found is a turbo kit but that is almost $2000. Dont really want to go that route right off the start. Is it possible to turn up the injection pump similar to what you could do on the old 12 valve Cummins? Any info is appreciated. By the way great site.


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Glad you found us!

I don't know about speed options for the 900, mine seems to go too fast at times the way it is! Someone who has some experience should come by soon and tell you what they've done.

I do need to do the valve mod, mine pretty much stops on a dime when you let off on the accelerator. Don't really need the brakes, just taking your foot off the pedal could put you through the windshield. :bonk:


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In general, the HST gearing is going to prevent you from gaining much. If you do a lot of tinkering (e.g. Injector pump, bigger tires...) you're only going to gain about 2-3 more MPH.


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Welcome to the Forum, White. It's a great source of help and information.

There have been a number of discussions from time to time about speed. But it seems pretty clear that speed is not a very good reason for choosing an RTV900! There are a few who seem to have benefited from adding turbo--but it hardly seems worth it IMHO.

Before the RTV900, I had an Arctic Cat Prowler. The Prowler could top out at nearly 60mph--way too fast for anywhere on my property! But it could not begin to do the work that the Kubota does. True, there are moments when I just 'wanna be there', but a small price to pay for the hard work she does with no complaints.


Turbos, injection pump mods will not increase the speed of your RTV. Well, if you increase your high idle by messing with your pump you may get a couple more MPH as mentioned above.
The only way you could get more speed is to mess with the valving/swash plate in the transmission. I don't don't know near enough about the internal working of a hydro trans to even begin to explain.
But I do know it can be done.


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Downhill man, just keep going downhill.:myopinion:

Nothing you do to the engine will make it go faster. Gearbox is set to somewhere just shy of 30 mph.

To get there quicker, add horsepower, ie Turbo. Same mph but better elapsed time getting there.

On a machine built by Tractor builders who look for "utility", 2-3" of suspension and 30 mph is good combo. Any faster and you will be a bull riding champ. Join the rodeo.

Great machines for their designated purpose, utitlity. And tough as nails, because like I said Tractor people built it.