JD 5083 E cab tractor with loader won’t start

5100E 5083E

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Hi I need help hopefully someone has experience in this problem. Tractor was starting fine . I parked it under cover . Went to start it a week or so later it’s not trying to turn over. I can hear a growling clicking sound when I turn the Key with clutch depressed. I thought it was a low battery but I messed up did not get the meter on it first ! I tried jumping it. No go same growling . Trying several times to jump. Finally took battery off tractor Charged it (should have used the meter but didn’t before I charged it but didn’t. After fully charged 12.95volts battery is 2yrs old put on tractor tightened ground to frame cleaned cable clamps. Still clicks growles under dashboard sounds to me. I need a helper to diagnose further . Please comment and advise with help on the problem, fuse seems to be fine.


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Do the dash or headlights turn on?
I've had the same symptoms several times.
When it happens to my JD tractor, each time it was corrosion inside the battery cable (normally the negative cable). The corrosion is inside the insulation so you can't see it. The dash lights will come on since it can get a few amps through the cable but it can't get enough amps through the wire to the starter solenoid. To test, take a good jumper cable in parallel with your battery cable and try to start. Repeat if needed on the positive cable.
When it happens to me on smaller engines, it's more often the starter solenoid. Youtube or other sources can give you jumper directions on how to bypass the solenoid to see if it's bad. It could also be the starter itself but they're pretty robust on your size tractor so that would be the last of the 3 options I'd mention.


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Also check those cables where they attach to the starter. I gave my little diesel JD 332 a tap on the starter /solenoid and it then cranked. Also , last month, our small 7210 wouldn't crank but ... the shifter just wasn't in gear good. It sounds though, like there's not a good connection- like Zoom was surmising . Good luck.