JD 855 forward/reverse petal not going back to neutral


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Just purchased an 855 compact tractor (year 1997). Had not been run very much for 4 years. Serviced fluids and used for a couple hours, forward and reverse petals were very stiff, but when you stopped pushing on them, the petal would come back to neutral and machine would come to a stop as it should. Seems like the spring or some other mechanism related to having the petals come back to neutral has broken, as now the petals will stay where you push them to (in forward or reverse) and have to lift up on the petal to get the machine to stop moving. I looked in the parts diagram and am having trouble figuring out what spring or mechanism is broken that is causing this behavior. I have several other parts that failed in my first hours, but have been able to figure all those out and order parts, but this forward/reverse issue has me stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Senna


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Hi, and welcome to our tractor forum.
Congrats on the new to you JD 855.
That is an issue I have never heard of before and sure could be dangerous. Glad you figured it out in an area where you could lift up on the pedal without hitting something or running over a hill.
Sorry I do not have any idea on the fix but will be watching to see what comes of this. Good luck.


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Had not been run very much for 4 years.
That may be the problem.
Starting at the pedal, follow all related linkages and hit all the grease zerks with a grease gun. When you get under the tractor, look for a couple rollers next to the pump. They could be seized in place or just need a good greasing. There's also a little wedge that they hit. Grease that well too.
You may need to give it a little run time of forward then reverse to get everything loosened up.
Give those things a shot then get back with us.