Jet powered chipper/shredder


The contraption is covered in a shed, so no pictures right now. OK, I'm kidding, it's not jet powered BUT it is a new creature. I bought a used chipper/shredder at a Craig's List sale that had an 8hp B&S engine. That thing bogged down easily and the motor worked itself to pieces. I have lots of antique Wisconsin engines. Those heavy monsters have VERY low HP rating, but carry a ton of torque and smoothness. After mounting an AEH model with about 5hp I delighted in shoving anything in the hopper. Now and then a large branch will punch a dent somewhere, but the machenworken never skips a beat. The hole in the side for branches provides all manner of fun. It sucks those limbs in, cuts 'em off and the banging around begins. It sounds to me like a grandkid's first grade orchestra performance! Anyway, that old engine has provided me many opportunities to study the inside of the chipper while welding this and that back together with bigger steel. The grandkids just love hucking pine cones and grapefruit in there. I get a kick outta it too! I'd love to make one out of boiler plate and mount my biggest Wisconsin to see what happens to a Black Oak tree!


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Chucked a pumpkin into a troybilt chipper/shredder once...quite a mess..recommend the pumpkin be cut in quarters first.