Kobota RTV 400 Fuel getting into cylinder


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Posted 1 hour ago
Replaced the injector, now when I turn the ignition on you can hear the fuel pump like normal but when the engine turns over it seizes up, pull the spark plug out and the cylinder is full of fuel, a lot of fuel, turn the engine over with the plug out and huge amounts of fuel blows out of the plug hole. What have I done wrong? I appreciate your help, thank you!


What is the voltage going to your fuel injector? 12VDC or 5VDC? Sounds like fuel fuel injector is remaining energized, which is why you are hydrolocking. Find out why the injector is remaining energized. Immediately stop trying to start the engine while it is hydrolocked and don't try it again until you have resolved the injector issue. If you haven't already, you will bend a connecting rod if you keep dead heading the piston into the cylinder head. Liquids do not compress.


Good deal. Glad you found the problem. Just goes to show that expensive, brand new parts can be faulty right out of the box. I have experienced that multiple times on brand new parts, both at home on my personal stuff and at work, with really expensive components.