Kub L3130 PTO Clutch Valve Leaking - Need Advice Please!


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Spewing oil out of the O-ring or seal. See blue circle in pic. If you zoom in on the pic, it appears part of it is missing. Perhaps it dry rotted???

I need some guidance on replacing the o-ring or seal please. Is it as simple as removing the pto cable and the three bolts?
I have the workshop manual and the only discussion on removal is when the tractor/transmission is split apart. Yikes! I hope I don't have to go that far to repair!!!!

Thanks, Bucky


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Hi Bucky, welcome to NTT forums. I'm glad you found us. And I hope someone on here has the answer for you.
Good luck.


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I don’t have that model and have never done it on that model… but I wouldn’t be afraid to disconnect that cable and remove the 3 bolts to slide the cover off and replace a seal.