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Out at the barn this weekend and noticed a fair bit of fluid draining from the bottom of one of my front axle portals. A quick inspection confirmed the bottom cap had popped off much like a freeze plug and that the other side was popped as well, but no fluid telling me I missed that one and have probably run the tractor for a period of time (3hrs maybe over 3 months) with no fluid in that side of the axle.

There has been weeping from the top pivot seals for some time but it didn't seem that severe and I tried to keep an eye on the fluid but again, must have missed the first pop. My suspicion was that over time enough water got in the axle thru the leaky top seal and condensation that it froze and popped the cap off.

Having seen similar axle seal replacements on the web they don't seem that difficult, so I asked my father to stop by the dealer and get a parts schematic, since he was going by. He went one further and talked to a tech who in addition to confirming the ease of replacing the bottom caps, also said it happened all the time, but instead of freezing water, thought it was due to the changes in temperature as the castings expand and contract and recommended just replacing the bottom caps and to top up with 80 wght gear oil, not the hydro fluid Kubota recomends

I'm pretty sure the ball bearings are probably fine despite the lack of lubricant, should I follow the tech's advice and just press on new caps and refill. My gut tells me this really will be fine but before the techs report, I had intended to disassemble the portals's and replace the upper seals as well and inspect the bearings.

Would you use silicone on the bottom cap seals? Would you use 80 wgt vs hytran?




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front axle

Yes I would and not have any worrys......as there is no shifting to be done in the front axel.......I had a seal start leaking on my M/F and being still in warenty they replaced it but the service manager said that if it started leaking latter to drain and use 80/90 weight and it should be fine.......in the trans going to the heavyer lube could make it hard to shift in cold weather.. hope this helps ya......


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I'll just add I wouldn't use silicone for anything these days . Get you a can of "The Right Stuff" Rubber gasket maker for the lower end caps , its the best sealer of any type I have found . http://www.google.com/products/cata...sa=X&ei=_66RTf2HGZSbtwe9_pRY&ved=0CGUQ8gIwBQ#

I couldn't find any new lower seal caps for my import tractor when I tore the front end down for repair & really screwed the old caps up getting them off . I used that stuff around the crooked edges & tapped them back in and it seals great . I also dont use gaskets on anything anymore either since I started using this stuff . best thing they invented since Beer. :clap: Best of luck