L3130 Kubota

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This fine tractor has 1800+ hours and is approaching 17 years old. Recently the engine would cut out for an instant while traveling and then quickly recover to full power. At first I thought it was something caught under the seat interfering with the seat safety switch but that wasn't the case. I thought the switch might be defective but then it stalled and didn't recover when I was off the seat. But when i turn the key it starts right up and purrs like a kitten, no lack of power. Sometimes when I get off and it's idling, it will stall but then restart without issue. I'm thinking this is an electrical problem and not a fuel issue. Fuel filter has only about 200 hours on it and I always keep my fuel liberally treated with Diesel 911. My ability to diagnose electrical problems is very limited. Today, I'm gonna spray cleaner on all the connections I can find but I'm thinking it might be a loose wire, corroded connection or a worn spot in a wire that shorts out the circuit. Thoughts??? and thanks for any advice.


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