Loader for Cub Cadet 7530


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Doc thanks... I found that link too and called them. They could not recall who bought it.
Been in touch with Woods, they never made an after market for my 7530. Westendorf also never made one for a 7530, but are checking if they can come up with a loader to work. Doubtful....

Guess my 7530 with 10 hrs on the tractor will never have a loader.

Appreciate your assistance.


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10 hrs. Dang. I wouldn't give up but it sure will be a challenge. You might contact your local cub cadet dealer and let him know you are looking for the loader. Many times they hear things and might be able to fix you up or put you in contact with someone that has one.

I did not search all of craigslist but you might try that. Here are a couple links I have used. There are lots more.

Welcome to Net Tractor Talk, and good luck in your search.

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We used to have a member here that sold aftermarket loaders. I believe I have his email on my computer down at work. I will try and track it down on Monday.


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I'd give Messick's a call. Their parts department shows the pieces available for the loader but since they're a Cub Cadet dealer, they may be able to get the whole loader for you.
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