low budget leaf vac


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Nice! Is the blower and a couple other parts from some other mfgr's blower setup?

I had a vacuum setup on my last garden tractor (a Simplicity)

After switching to a ZTR, I now have to use a tow-behind.

My mowing technique makes it so I grind up the leaves so much that I can do a couple acres of leaves and only fill the catcher about 5 or 6 times.


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The blower is a 5 HP chipper/shredder but it creates enough draft it works good as a fan and chops the leaves even finer. I had to take the grate bar out as it reduced the draft too much. TSC wanted $1200 for the same thing. I paid $75 for the chipper and $ 128 for the hose, everything else I had available. Got a lot of hours into it, but being retired I don't count them. I just thought I can build the same thing for a whole lot less.
One thing I have found out is I can't chip limbs and send them thru the discharge hose. Punches holes in the hose so I just remove the hose, open the tail gate on the tlr and blow them in the tlr.



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Looks like it would sure make short work of the leaves. :thumb:

I used to have to deal with tons of leaves. That was years ago. Now I barely have any to deal with and I have 40+ acres of trees. :D


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nice job..i want one of those,i have build a homemade tractor last winter from autoparts and a 1957 wisconsin engine,would lve to post pics...jus have to figre out how.


I don't like how the engine muffler/exhaust is blowing directly at where you sit... I would have to move that!