Mahindra 2516 HST battery warning light


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The battery warning light stays on all the time regardless of engine speed. The battery is
new and the alternator tested ok. The belt was replaced and the replacement belt is not
slipping. The alternator output is about 14 volts. The sense and IG connector on the rear
of the alternator are not corroded and are making a good connection. The battery
connections are tight and the battery ground cable was removed and connections cleaned.
The frame where the negative battery mounts was also cleaned. I do not have a wiring
diagram. Do the sense and IG wires from rear of the alternator go directly to the dash
battery warning light or thru the ignition switch? Is there any control relays in the
circuit? Any help is appreciated.


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Sounds like some wires crossed since the light is always on even though you know you have a good battery and alternator.
Did you do any other add ons where you wired something in?