Mahindra XTV

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Anybody stepped into one of these?

Sorta, kinda looking for a RTV and the offering are awesome. First thought was just go with a Kubota but after some searching there is a lot to offer now day. What I'm liking is some offer 27" wheels with a couple more inches of travel namely the Mahindra and Honda, that said I'm thinking stick with diesel.

I'm now an agent for a few gas wells that have to be addressed bi-monthly and a couple are in remote areas. Right now a pickup ain't getting there! Hilly and rutted terrain. Doing it with FIL's Mule right now.

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Have never saw the Mahindra RTV’s. But a friend or aquintance sells the tractors and he swears by them. Sat on a few of his models and seemed to be durable. I don’t think you would go wrong.


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Don't think anyone could go wrong with a Honda ☺ The Mahindra I'm not familiar with.
I think you made a good call on the Kubota