massey ferguson 1233 rear wheels skidding


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I have a mf1233 4wd.
the rear wheels are acting like the brakes are engaged but are not being applied.
the linkage is free and clear with play when not engaged.
if im on a hill it will not drift down that hill like the brakes are on.
all gears work ok.
When draging driveway and push the clutch in the rear wheels will slide. Any ideas will be appreciated.


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Welcome to the forum. Wish it was under better circumstances.

Does your tractor have wet brakes? If so, you may have a hydraulic issue. Start with checking the hyd fluid level. When was the last time the tranny fluid and filter was changed? If you have a blown seal in the tranny, it may be putting hyd pressure on your brakes. If you have a blown seal, this may get expensive since you'll need to split your tractor.

Do you have a brake lock hand lever? Just wondering if that may be in the brake lock position.


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The tractor has wet brakes.
hyd fluid changed,'ast week and level was good before changing.
part,does release,with play in the linkage.
I did discover today that the lever arms on the rear are not freely returning to disengage position.
when i tap them with hammer to disengage postion the wheels will free turn.


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Another question.
i changed the fluid but did not clean the screen.
will that effect the brake lever or yolks


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MF 1233

I have the same tractor and I have the same issue. The left rear tire locks up. When pressing in on the clutch it feels like I apply the brakes. Have anyone came up with a fix or solution before I tear into this thing?


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Hi and welcome to Net Tractor Talk.
with a little luck the original poster figured it out. If not, and you decide to tear into it please post your results. Thanks. :tiphat:


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1233 break quick fix

I was ready to tear into it also.
I found that if I held the break linkage back all the way it was free and more that it ever had been. I did a quick external fix but putting a bungee cord to hold the linkage back. Been working great for a long time. I also had radiator issues where the fan warped and blew into the radiator. I removed the fan and installed and electric one. also works great.
I have attached two pictures.
Let me know if this work s for you also.