Model MAX25 and eMAX25


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I am looking at several of these models and I have a questions. If I get one without the backhoe (I have seen some with the TLB versions of the Max 25) can I easily add a backhoe later or do I need to do a lot of work plumbing for hydros and do I need to add a subframe at an additional cost? Do these models already come with what is needed to simply add a backhoe to them. Most small tractors have no subframe for a backhoe unless the package is ordered together. Thanks


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Welcome to the forum.

I'm not familiar with the Mahindra models but can toss out my general experience.

If you want a backhoe, it's best to get the TLB package. Aftermarket or adding on later doesn't seem to work as well for the reasons you specified (cost, plumbing, sub-frame...). An exception to this is some of the Woods brand backhoes.

Look closely on how easy or difficult it is to take it on and off. Get the dealer to do a demo if you can. If it's a PITA to get off and on, you'll normally leave it on but that hinders your capabilities for other PTO or 3PH implements.

Decide on whether you want or need a backhoe. Look at your projects. If you're building a buying a place that needs a lot of work, you probably need it. If it's for doing things here-and-there, you probably just want one. In this case (want), look at what your options are for renting or borrowing one. Renting a TLB of about the same size is (around here) about $100 per day, delivered. You can do a lot of digging for that $100 if you save your projects up then knock them all out at once.

If you are going to get it, do internet searches for that backhoe model, in particular how strong or robust it is. I've seen a lot of these smaller hoes get torn apart, bending steel or pins doing what you think it was made for.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.


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I looked at Mahindra's like that a couple of years ago.

Everything Zoom said is good advice. I was told adding a BH later is far more expensive than ordering it with the tractor. And also that after a couple of years have gone by there are sure to be some obscure components needed for the conversion that nobody seems to stock.

As for quality and durability I don't think you need to worry about the American-made backhoe or loader made for OEM Mahindra. KVM (??) or somebody in Kansas (?) makes those components for Deere etc as well.

Who was that guy over on Doc's FF that worked for that loader/BH manufacturer? He convinced me Mahindra add-ons are as good as any.