new Holland 555e with moisture in hydraulic fluid


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new to machinery.. I just got a 2000 NH 555e. I had to change a leaky fitting.. I noticed that the hydraulic fluid was milky. Is there anyway to get rid of the moisture w/out having to do a complete fluid change. thanks.


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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new-to-you tractor.
That milky fluid will need changed for sure.
If the tractor sat for a long time, it can accumulate moisture, especially if it was stored in a location with lots of temperature changes. Also check fill cap and vent tube to make sure they're not in a position that could collect water. (e.g. if your vent tube points up but the hose is gone or cracked, rain can get in that way.
I'd change the fluid then watch it for the next couple months to see if it reoccurs.


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Congrats on your NH tractor, and welcome to NTT. :tiphat:

I'll 2nd what BCzoom said. Change the fluid before running much more. There is no way I've ever heard of getting rid of the moisture / water in the hydraulics than to do a complete change. Buy good quality fluid. Cheap fluid can cause loss of power and other issues so it is simply not worth it.


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Check your manual on the changing method. Our JD tractors have a pipe and screen under the belly that should be removed also but don't know about your model. Just in case it does is why I'm mentioning it.