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Sep 9 at 6:22 PM

Was wondering if you could help me that I can not come up with? On the photo I am sending how do I get the adapter off the shaft ? Do you think it is pressed on or could be it threaded. I need a new seal and have to get adapter off. I think it is a five star post hole digger. I tried to get off with heat & 12 ton press & no go.

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Gear (3).jpg
Gear (3).jpg


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I don't believe that company is in business anymore. Once you take it apart, can you get the needed replacement parts?

Your pictures are from one side. Is there any keyway anywhere else on the shaft? (I'd expect to see one if it's pressed).

If you haven't already searched, search the internet to see if you can get a parts diagram for your PHD. That should show if pressed or threaded. If you can't find one for this mfgr's PHD, another mfgr may give you an idea.


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Post digger

Firs thank you for reply.
I know they are out business been looking other diggers on net and none have the adapter on theirs. but the gear setup is the same. As you said it may not been pressed on as there is no keyway to lock it. I put it on my 12 ton press and no go also put in big vice thinking it may be threaded and heated with torch and pipe wrench still no go. Next step have to take to a machine shop.

Thanks again
Jerry Wis.