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I built this to loosen and pick up soil and small stones. It is not yet complete. Still need a bucket to hold the soil. I used my Tiller as the power unit. The shovel is made from 3" galvanised water pipe which I cut in halve with a plasma cutter. I weld the pipe in a star form to a 3/4" roundbar. Attached the shovel to my Tiller and away I go. I work rough and jump all over the place. It did loosen soil and small stones, and pick it up. I am planning to modify it by combining the 2 shovels to make one, and build a frame with wheels that can hold it, then using v-belts to connect it to the tiller. I must also still build a bucket to collect the soil. The photos show the half completed shovel and the shovel connected to the tiller.


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Some of the new ones run off a chain so there is no gearbox......the brass gear in that style was installed for shock to not break the gears......but for what you are doing am sure it won't last long....replace a lot here because of the clay ground.
They use to be around 30 bucks 20 years ago....but the ones I see now mostly are chain driven.
Anyhow good luck....it may never break.