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i'm a newb here,did my intro,got no response.gotta question.want to mount a pto pump on my mf-65 for the front end loader.can i run a prince pump with a drive shaft for the bush hog and leave the pump on the tractor?is there enough shaft spline in the pump to do so?can it hold up to the load? or will i have to pull it off when i want to mow? thanks


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I don't know if there is a pto pump with an output shaft on the back of it. Or some kind of pass-through for the tractor's pto shaft. I've wondered about this too. Sure would be handy.

Has anyone ever seen one like that?

Anyhow, welcome aboard! :tiphat:


Thought I'd left a reply last night--guess sum-pin happened to it.
I don't think it would work, or at least I've never heard of 2 implements being connected to the PTO at once.


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I DID! I DID! I posted here to your other thread.

Yeah, this double posting can get confusing!

Back in the 50s and 60s, many times a pump for the loader was run off the front of the crankshaft. Tisco still had parts for frount mounted pumps
for at least Ford tractors as recently as three years ago, probably still do. I would check with your Massey dealer's parts department, they may have some knowledge of similar setups from other old tractors in your area.

Good luck in your search.