Proposed Legislation to give Government control of all water !


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This isn't new. Corps of Engineers is responsible for maintaining access to 'navigable waters'. Their scope has gradually expanded over decades to trace all water to its source.

20 years ago we had to file a federal Plan of Operation describing sediment control, for our hobby gold dredging in the high Sierras in a little trout stream you can walk across most of the year. (I described the operation as "a bathtub-sized hole in the stream floor that moves from place to place during operation").

Pretty much everybody wants government to help protect them from upstream pollution, and from upstream users choking off 'their' water, and this is how it is implemented.


Try living in Colorado. You cannot LEGALLY collect rain water in a coffee can (or ANY such device), if you plan on using it for personal use (water the lawn, water house plants, water the DOG, etc.....