pto driven chicken plucker?


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So i've got a nice little kubota b7001, and I am thinking about how to use the pto for my power-plant on the farm as much as possible. One thing that I just have to do is make a tub-style chicken plucker that runs off pto at idle-ish speed. Here is a video of the machine I am emulating for the basic tub design, [ame=""][/ame], So I need some parts to hook the plate on the bottom up to a pto shaft. Any thoughts on a good source for : big gears, pto couplings that fit them, any thoughts at all? hey, this is my first post, i have been reading and using info from threads here for years! awesome forum.


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Welcome to the forum!! Glad to see you posting.

The first thing that comes to mind is a PTO driven post hole digger. Flip it upside down and mount your plucker in place of an auger. One thing to consider with a PHD is whether the gear oiling will work when mounted upside down.

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Another place to look might be an old hay rake gearbox. You can use axle grease in them instead of 80-90 or whatever.


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These are excellent ideas for places to start, I even have a pile of busted post hole digger in the back "40" (maybe really back 1, if I walked it off.) I will post pics of what I come up with.