Recall on Kubota RTV

<P style="__styleDocument: [object]">Has anyone heard of recalls on the 900 or the 1100.............This post would be a great way of keeping up with all the recalls ,,,. that is if there are any.....</P>
<P style="__styleDocument: [object]">1. I just saw a post on another site about a 1100 recall on a parking brake. Have no idea if it is factual........</P>
<P style="__styleDocument: [object]">Rusty Anvil,,,</P>


There have not ever been any outright recalls that I can remeber. There are some fix on fail issues from the early 900's, but by and large the RTV has been about as sound as this kinda stuff comes.


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What would be nice, if they sent letters, like many automobile companies have done in the pass, and let the owners know about troubles & recalls >>> Honda Motor Corp, isa perfect example of one company. Everytime they think they may have some troubles or recalls, we always receive a letter from them >>>>>>> they are ALWAYS on top of these issues !!! </P>


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spoke to my dealer today to get the details on the parking brake recall on my rtv1100. i was told that it is called a mandatory parking brake campaign that was serial number specific and addressed bolt and linkage issues related to the parking brake.