Replacement cable for a Warn RT30 Wench

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Yesterday was trying to figure out how to get a couple of dead trees out of my overgrown with vines and brush woods. I got stuck on the side of a hill because I ran out of fuel to the engine because of the slope I was on. OK, no big deal, hook up the wench to one of the nearby trees and pull the vehicle to an angle that will allow the fuel in the tank level out so the engine will run.

Here we go........the wench pulls just fine; but I was leaning out of the side to try to prevent a roll-over and the thing started to get ahead of me. Reached down between my legs to get at the brake lever and couldn't get it............end of story, the cable snapped a couple of feet short of the hook; but I did get the thing stopped and at an angle that solved the fuel to the engine situation...........

I have a metal cable. Are there positives of getting a synthetic material replacement cable? Negatives? Are there any problems with the actual replacement??????????.....Thanks Folks....God bless....Dennis


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I had a synthetic rope on my ATV for 9 years never had a problem with it. So much easier use. I also beat the piss out of the Rope using it to lift my snow plow all season. Although some people complain about the synthetic rope are you highly recommend it.


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Glad you weren't hurt Dennis and most of your equipment came out of the ordeal okay. Sounds like a tedious / scary situation.

I've been buying synthetic rope on all the winches I've purchased for the last 10 years or so. BCzoom on here recommended it to me when I was winch shopping and I thank him for that. It works great and is so much easier to work with. I have never replaced cables on any of these winches so I can't speak to that, but if I were replacing I'd go with synthetic for sure.

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Thanks fellas...........The original is a metal cable. Is there any thing special I need to do or look at when replacing with a synthetic? Like attachment points, hardware, or the like??????...........Thanks again.....

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Really getting an education. Thanks Mork for the insight and Geohorn the direction to go........Truly was just gonna use the rollers that come with the Warn metal cable when replacing with synthetic. Ya do live and learn.......


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I have a trailer-hitch receptacle below and in front of the winch which protects it.... no problems with my rope. I hook the winch hook into a Pin I keep in the hitch.