Road Dust Infiltrating Cab 2020 X1100C Kubota


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Has anyone found a small commercial weather-stripping with an adhesive backing to supplement the Kubota factory door seals? We're dry and dusty so the dust is seeping through the openings around the door seals. I'm hoping to add to what Kubota put in place to stop it. The interior of my cab doors, dash, seat, and everything enclosed is coated in dust from the leakage. The unit is stored under cover so the sun is not a factor. Your suggestions are appreciated.


I have the same issue. I don't think it's coming from the door weatherstripping. Open your door, look down on the side panel of the seat pedestal. See the mesh vent? That's your culprit. 👍
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X1100C is already tighter than any other cabbed buggy guys bring to work, so perhaps my expectations were lower because of our environment. Me...I just blow it out and wipe her down once in a while. You already have to close the door with a little attitude with the windows up as it is. YMMV.


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My cab is so tight I have to slam the door! The only dust that comes in when I stop and open the door and the dust I just kicked up follows in. I just use compressed air to blow it out. Before leaf-out my roads dry out really fast and now that leaves are coming out the dust will diminish.