RTV to pull a small manure spreader?


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Do you think an rtv can handle a small ground driven spreader if I load it mostly on the rear end of the spreader? That will keep the tongue weight lighter and the field I will spread in is fairly level. My neighbor wants to give me a big pile he has and will let me use his spreader. I will have a 1/2 mile of slight downhill to my lower field and would like to use the RTV. I have moved wagon loads of hay with mine on the level before with no problem but there was no tongue weight involved.


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Many years ago as a kid on the family farm,we used to pull a spreader with a little Farmall Cub...The RTVsure has more hp than that little Cub so traction would likely be your concern...Start off with a quarter load and take it from there.

Make sure your rear plastic window is there on the RTV and always try to drive into the wind.....big smile!

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Recently, last week, I pulled my tandem axle, 16' trailer that I use to haul the RTV, hay, B7610, bundles of railroad ties.........full of firewood rounds......The tongue weighed in at perhaps 300 lbs and who knows what the total weight of the trailer was; but I used the RTV to pull the trailer out of the woods where a truck could not get into........Thought to myself, as long as I have come this far why not go the full route........So, 1/2 mile later down a 12 degree gravel hill I pulled up to the wood shed.........

Did I go slow?......Yes, in 4WD and Low gear. No question that you can pull a load of cow/pig/horse/chicken poop..........God bless......Dennis


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I have a 25 bushel spreader. The RTV seemed to do fine the couple of times I've tried it. I usually pull with a BX2350.

I bet it would pull it as long as the ground is fairly hard. I have the rtv 1140 and have pulled a 1100 gallon sprayer that was 3/4 full on level ground. Pulled a oldsmobile out of a ditch....ford expedition out of the ditch. Pulled a dead cow about 2 miles one time...motor started running hot. Pulled a bogged down cow out of a bayou once...broke the lariet rope but got a 2" strap around her and saved her. Tried to move a 24 ft heavy cattle chute on skids...rtv wouldnt do it but f250 barely did in 4 wheel drive. Roped a 500 lb calf and pulled him backwards across a road into some pens...bent front bumper up.

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I pull an Earth and Turf 320 ground driven topdresser full of topsoil or compost (4-6 cu yards) with no problem at all. I have a 2012 RTV1100. You will have no issues.....Enjoy


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Thanks for the input folks. If they ever get the hay made I will give it a whirl annd see how the bota does. I am hoping to sprinkle some seed in the load and spread it along with the manure so we get a better mix of grass for next year. Would love to lime the field as well but don't have the dollars.
I use my RTV900 to pull our spreader (Conestoga C50). Only time I ever had an issue was this past winter. The snow was so deep in the pastures that I had to take the front end loader out to make paths through the fields. The issue was more to do with lack of ground clearance and traction.