RTV X1100C belt/s


Hi folks,

Threw my "alternator" belt on the way back to the hanger going home this morning. Had one of the guys following tow me the rest of the way, parked it and headed home. Found both belts locally and got a few hours sleep before I head back in tonight.

Anyways...Looked at one of the buggies at the Dealership and it looks like it's a real pain to change them (alternator and A/C belts). Any links or suggestions to make this go faster.




Downloaded the Service Manual, but it really doesn't help alot with this. No one here has changed their belts on said model?


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I've only tightened my belts and I flipped the seats forward and removed the back panel which gives access to the front of the motor. That's the best I can do for you.



Thank you. One of my work buddies bid back to the hanger this year and was kind enough to loan me his pre-X 1100 to finish out the week.

Preliminary eyeball for access...lift the bed, pull lower skid plate, tip the seats, pull the tray and cover, loosen top of oil cooler to pull forward and displace fuse panel. Fixing it this weekend...so I'll report back then.


Changed them last night...and they are kind of a pain. Manually lifted cargo bed in float mode because the alternator/water pump belt was off the pulleys. Remove both lower skid plates, lift passenger seat bottom, remove drivers seat, remove tray, remove MX cover and remove 4 bolts (2 each side) from oil cooler to displace forward. A/C belt is in front and does have to come off first. Loosen 12mm adjustment bolt on compressor and pry inboard to remove...note there is a guide pin below the compressor pulley. Loosen 12mm adjustment bolt and 14mm mount/pivot on alternator and pry inboard to remove that belt. A/C belt is grooved and Alternator belt is cogged. Reverse order going back together, then fire it up before closing up and restoring. Took me about 2 hours chock to chock...due to learning curve...but next time half that.

Anyway...she's back in service and I work tonight. Thanks all.


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Damn, that's a lot of work to replace a belt.
Why didn't you just super-glue or duct tape the old belt back together? :) :)