RTV x1100c WorkShop Manual from dealer


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I had turn signals and flashers put on my 2015 RTV x1100c.
I asked the parts manager how much the workshop manual was that I'd have to pick one up sometime.
He said, the workshop manual runs 135. :eek: But he said I can send you a link to a PDF file at no charge.
Wow. I said heck yeah. I prefer reading it online. I can search it easier.
So he sent me a link to a google locked file. I had to request access but once I did that he okay'd my account and I downloaded the PDF.

If you'd like a workshop manual for any Kubota equipment check with your local dealer. I'm guessing all dealers can do the same for owners of Kubota equipment.
Good luck


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It’s so silly for Kubota to claim copyright privileges while they give copies away freely.

(It’s my belief that Even copyrighted mat’ls can be shared if not loaded simultaneously on multiple computers....and how would that be determined.? Example: I buy a copyrighted book and read it... then I LOAN it to you...and you LOAN it to your BIL, and on and on and on...
However, If I photo-copied it and gave or sold multiple copies ... then that would clearly be violating the intent of a copyright. I’ve got plenty of mfr’rs manuals in PDF form and I have no problem sharing them with friends and family. YMMV)