rtvx1120d TURBO


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Has anyone added a turbo to the 1120d that was NOT a boxed up kit? The parts to do this is extremely cheap compared to the $2500+ that I’ve seen for the kits. I bought the manifold from kubota. With the one that comes on the rtv, I’ve seen at least 3 variations on the exhaust mannies. I used the one that exits straight out the side but the one that turns 90 degrees in the middle would work equally as well if turned down I believe. All other parts are common items that just need a little custom fitting. I have the parts all mocked up but I have not installed it yet. The only thing I see as a potential problem is fuel. Is there a way to adjust any fueling on these or does it have a engine computer that will compensate and adjust? Thank you in advance for any info.

Gil Favor

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Bump...I believe I have seen YouTube videos about people turning a screw to get more fuel...here is a video of a x900 but I’d imagine it would be similar to the x1120