Seat time therapy


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Yesterday was a good day.
I got plenty of seat time. Finally removed the blade from the PTO. Hooked up the tiller and tilled the garden. Late, I know, but it's been a muddy mess around here and the ground has finally set up where I can easily till.

Then I hooked up the bush hog and got a couple hours of tearing up brush, multiflora, old tree, and vines, so many vines. Vines growing on dead trees, live tress, anything they can cling to. I love using the FEL with the teeth to tear down the vines, pull them back away from the tree and then run over them with the bush hog. Yeah, I am easily amused. But that is so satisfying to me. :D

Anyone else getting seat time?


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I've been getting a lot of seat time between raindrops. Most of mine has been mowing as the grass is growing at almost an inch per day. Did the bunker yesterday which is about 4 acres but kind of bouncy. Glad to have that over with (for now anyway).