Spartan Zero Turn Issue


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I have had two minor problems with my Spartan Zero turn so far. One has been corrected, one soon will be.

One happened a couple of weeks back. I started it up drove it out of the garage. Engaged the PTO, it immediately died. I texted the dealer - mind you this was 7:00 at night. He told me a couple of things to try. They didn't work. He said he would be there in the morning to get it. 8:30 the next morning he was there. He suspected bad gas. I said, I could siphon and flush and refill. He said he would feel better if he did it and he said he didn't want it to feel like he was abandoning me. He took it back to the shop. Turns out there was one loose wire that was causing the motor to cut out. He checked everything else to make sure they were tight. I picked the mower up that night.

Second is the one still waiting to be fixed. I noticed a small mark of oil on the garage floor. He said I could bring it in any time and he would look at it. He cleaned the mower and ran it for about 10 minutes. He said it was a small seal leaking and could easily be replaced, but he needed permission from Spartan, but in the mean time I could use it. He called me today he has talked to Spartan, they don't want to replace the seal, the want the whole left transmission fixed. They said it is a new mower, the transmission shouldn't have to be taken apart already.

I'm happy the dealer stepped up on the one and found an issue and fixed it quickly and happy that Spartan is stepping up and not taking the cheap fix. As I've always heard, it isn't whether or not you have issues, it is how do you fix those issues.