Stock wheels to aluminum.


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Not certain what you’re requesting...but if you need my shipping address for your steel wheels when you remove them, let me know.


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I think 'homes' is a typeo ....for holes. Tapered holes. So what lug nuts do you need?
My RTV came with the aluminum wheels I can't help.
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When I ordered my shiny rims years ago, they came with new shiny lugs that were made for the rims. I would check to see if new lugs were supposed to be included.


What is needed to make the change from steel wheels to aluminum. The new ones have tapered homes. Which bolts?
When i replaced the stock steel wheels on my 2020 X1100C , going to Aluminum wheels, i was provided 8 double ended studs, & 16 deep lug nuts to be used with the new aluminum wheels. None of the old/stock lug nuts would work.