TC35D Temp Gauge Erratic


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New to this forum. I have a NH TC 35D that has a temp gauge that recently started going to max shortly after starting (sooner than it would have time to heat up ). On occasion a few toggles of the key and it returns to normal. Temp sensor was replaced with no change. Any ideas on aftermarket gauge as factory is nearly $400. Are there resistance measurements that I can check on the gauge or cluster pins?
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Your condition sounds like the gauge is good and it's either the sensor, a short in the wiring, your thermostat is stuck fully open or your coolant level is low.
My thoughts are below but I'd suggest you do a couple internet searches as the one about shorting the wire comes with risk.
Search for:
NH TC35 thermostat stuck open
NH TC35 test temp sensor.

Do at your own risk - At the sensor, pull back the wire or remove it completely. Then take the wire (not the sensor) and short it to ground. Turn the key on with the wire to the gauge shorted to ground. If your gauge goes to max, the gauge is good. If the gauge doesn't move or doesn't go all the way to max, the gauge is bad.

The search for "NH TC35 thermostat stuck open" will give you some ideas as this is not an unusual issue.

If your gauge is bad, Messick's has the OEM gauge for under $200.